I trust that my CPA always thinks about my outcomes and positions me in the safest and most cost effective tax plan. Amin is a great guy. Even in challenging situations, he is a big asset!

– Corey Johnson
Founder, California Growers Group

Mr. Memon gets right back to us and provides great communication. He is also very knowledgeable. In fact, everyone is friendly and prompt to respond to our needs. I also like that your office is nearby.

– Mark West
President, West Engineering

Amin Memon has given us nothing less than excellent service and guidance in financial record keeping. They do not treat me like other CPA firms do – as a number! Please continue the excellent help and guidance

– Bart Brandon
CEO, Octahedron Systems

I am a small business owner and found Amin Memon after my CPA of over 20 years retired.  Some months before I’d received a very stressful letter from the IRS stating that according to their calculations, I owed over $16,000 in taxes, penalties and interest for a previous year. As I no longer had representation, I was at a loss as to where to turn. I felt real anxiety and a sense of urgency to find, interview and select a new CPA. Therefore, I began my search in earnest, asking all my friends and associates for referrals which eventually lead me to Amin Memon.

During our initial consultation Amin spent a great deal of time reviewing my situation, asked me a number of questions and then, based on my answers prompted me to gather additional support material that I had not considered in my initial filing with my old CPA. I followed Amin’s advice and supplied all the documentation he requested and, after running his calculations, he was pleased to inform me that I not only did not owe any taxes, interest and penalties but in fact was entitled to a $47,000 loss carry forward tax credit due to a business loss in a previous year. This was later confirmed during a meeting with the IRS agent assigned to my case.

Since then, Amin has handled several other business bookkeeping and tax matters, set me up with Quick Books and, needless to say, I am now free from stress and a client for life.

I highly recommend Amin for his knowledge, diligence and professionalism. He is the CPA to whom I am committed

– Steve Trerotola

After using H&R block for the past 15 years, we saw our costs triple for doing the same taxes year after year.  We decided to seek an outside tax professional and were fortunate to find Mr. Amin Memon CPA tax services.  His character speaks for himself.  His honesty and passion to research a tax area where he is not familiar with sets him apart from others.  He is quickly able to understand the situation and find a cost effective solution.  His professional and friendly demeanor is excellent!  Keep up the great work!!!

– Pankaj R.

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